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The Value of Experienced Mobile Notaries

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

If you need a mobile notary for power of attorney for your sick and ailing parent, you will often seek someone like me who has extensive experience handling these types of assignments. The client is often interested in my experiences with Advance Health Care Directives or Powers of Attorney after reading my reviews. Power of Attorney forms needs to be completed and notarized correctly since they are critical to the client's needs. Also, there are specific notary laws that must be followed by this type of notary. For example, a client may ask the mobile notary to provide a Power of Attorney. This is considered the unlawful practice of law since the mobile notary is acting rather than an attorney. There are much Power of Attorney documents of which only an attorney would be familiar. I wouldn't want to provide a client with the wrong type of Power of Attorney. To find the appropriate Power of Attorney or hiring an attorney, I suggest they go to Legal Zoom or Google.

I had a regular mobile notary client mention recently that he felt the role of a mobile notary was a commodity. Although he appreciated my experience and expertise, he thought everyone could stamp a document that required a notary seal.

I was asked by the father of the client what I thought of a mobile notary being a commodity and whether experience played a role in choosing a mobile notary. The answer to my question was YES!

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