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Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Notary Services

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Notaries publics are typically classified as either stationary or mobile. For notarial acts, stationery notaries ask clients to come to their offices or homes. On the other hand, mobile notaries travel to the client's location to perform notarial acts. The surprising benefits of working with a mobile notary are going to be the focus of our focus this week.

  • Worcester Mobile Notary simplifies the process of entering contracts :

Worcester Mobile Notary ensure that the signatures on legal documents are authentic, preventing legal repercussions for your business. A mobile notary is only responsible for the credibility of the signatures on documents, not their contents. Your attorney's job is to prepare legal documents, so they cannot assist in the preparation of the documents nor can they prepare them for you. Worcester mobile notary is only supposed to be present when contracts are signed to make sure that the person signing them is actually the one listed on the contract.

  • Notarizing the documents prior to signing can prevent fraudulent activity :

As a notary public, you will not only be asking signers to verify their identity but also to ensure that the documents you are signing are originals. Notarization cannot be performed on photocopies. Mobile notaries also ensure that the person signing documents does not sign under threat or without free will.

Documents that notaries might have an interest in cannot be signed by them. It is a notary public's responsibility to act impartially and neutrally. "Impartial" is the key term here. The third party ensures that the documents are handled by a neutral party, who will oversee the entire process without bias. This increases the confidence of both parties. If the notary public shows inclination or favoritism towards one of the parties, he may be held liable for malpractice.

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