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When a pandemic strikes, mobile notaries can help

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Document Notarization is not always easy, but now with a global pandemic and rolling shelter in place orders, it might seem impossible. Due to businesses closing, offices working from home, and shortened hours at the local bank, obtaining notary services has become more challenging. It's time for the Worcester Mobile Notary.

Almost all cities today offer mobile notaries. They are a traveling Notary Public who travels to their clients at their request. A mobile notary usually shows up at your location at a time that is convenient for you if you call, email, or book an appointment on the notary's website. A mobile notary travels from one to ten places per day to notarize a single signature on a single document, or notarize multiple signatures on multiple documents, as well as provide other services such as fingerprinting. During this era of social distance, mobile notaries meet with customers on their porches, patios, garages, even curbside to keep residents safe.

  • Mobile Notaries provide a wide range of other useful services :

In addition to notarization services, Mobile Notaries provide a wide range of other useful services. Many mobile notaries can print documents before your appointment and deliver them, ship documents to their destination, provide A pastille services for documents going abroad, provide fingerprinting services, and more.

You can find a mobile notary in your area by doing a web search for "mobile notary" and the city and state names. You should inform the notary that you need documents notarized and if the notary is able to perform any other services similar to those mentioned above. The state usually imposes a fee for each notarized signature, plus a travel fee to cover the cost of getting to you. If multiple documents need notarization, some notaries will offer a discount or package rate.

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